Are you solving problems or creating new ones?

By Lynda-Ross Vega

Have you ever solved a problem for someone and instead of saying “thanks” the other person reacts with hurt feelings, leaving you baffled as to why they told you the problem in the first place? Continue reading

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5 Steps to Developing Your Leadership Potential

By Gary M. Jordan, Ph.D.

Leadership development is defined by Wikipedia as “any activity that enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organization.” As one might expect from this definition, what constitutes leadership development is highly dependent upon the definition of leadership. Continue reading

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Leadership Isn’t Always Easy

By Gary M. Jordan, Ph. D.

Developing your leadership capacity requires that you take a step beyond your own talents and begin to not only understand but value and support the talents of those around you. It means that you have to step beyond your own natural desire to be seen, understood, and appreciated and become the one that does the “seeing” the “understanding”, and the “appreciating”. Continue reading

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When Everyone is Right, Who’s Wrong?

Recently a friend of mine who runs a retail business asked me to look over an email exchange that he had with one of his suppliers. My friend had produced a marketing campaign that the supplier felt was an attack on his products. My friend wanted me to analyze the interaction and tell him what was wrong with the supplier. Continue reading

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Succession Planning – The Critical First Step

You have worked hard to build something of value and meaning – a thriving business, a successful partnership, a well running organization – and one day you realize that it is time to move on to other pursuits. You pick your successor, train them, enroll them into the position you held, and make your transition out. You discover new challenges and that which you have left behind continues to prosper under new leadership. Continue reading

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Psychological Diversity – The Most Important Kind?

My wife and I were invited to a party to celebrate the beginning of the New Year. On the face of it, it was a pretty homogeneous crowd. There was little racial, ethnic, or cultural diversity to be found. But talking to my fellow guests revealed a great difference in our views and beliefs regarding subjects such as schooling, the economy, politics, etc. Continue reading

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Leadership – Passing the Torch of Parenthood

Just before Thanksgiving last year my son and his wife announced at a family dinner that she was expecting. Sometime this summer my wife and I will become grandparents!

We knew that they had been focused on starting a family, and my wife and I were both anticipating an announcement. But anticipation didn’t take anything away from the magic of the announcement. Continue reading

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